Whether you’re a recent graduate or a student reveling in summer break, the question of how to use your time is bound to hound us all.

Why not take this good chance to volunteer?

Here’s a list of organisations that we’ve categorised, so you can find one that’s great for you! 

1. Spend some time with older folks

If the elderly hold a special place in your heart, why not spend quality time with them at their homes?

Many of them have been facing social isolation because of the pandemic, so your presence would surely bring them joy.

You can start by volunteering as a Befriender with Methodist Welfare Services or Yong-En Care Centre.

Other than chatting with them in their homes for a few hours, you may also help with household tasks like sweeping the floor and cleaning windows during the weekly visitation.

A six-month commitment level for befriending services is required.

For remote volunteering, you can find out more here.

Alternatively, you can join the Home Nursing Foundation as a volunteer for seven weeks to facilitate and assist seniors in art and craft workshops.

The minimum age is 16 years. The commitment? Every Wednesday, 1-2:30pm, from 22 June to 10 August 2022.

Remember, oldies are goldies. So check out more avenues to serve the elderly in Singapore here!

2. Volunteer in the area of mental health

Do you desire to bring hope and help those who live with mental illness or need support?

You can come on board as a call or text services volunteer with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), receiving calls in the day or night to listen and give emotional support.

Don’t worry – adequate training will definitely be provided for first-timers.

Do note that a commitment of at least two years is required after the training.

The frequency of commitment would look like three to four hours a week with one overnight shift a month.

You could also volunteer with Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) to tutor youths, provide support for outdoor activities and facilitate workshops. 

These workshops are for their clients to pick up some skills that help them on their recovery journey, such as art and fitness. 

A six-month commitment level is ideal. You might also pick up some tips on how to walk with people facing mental health issues and their recovery journey. 

3. Serve those who have fallen through the cracks

If you’re a night owl with a passion for community, this one’s for you!

The Lighthouse SG is a student-led organisation that befriends rough sleepers in western Singapore.

Their weekly midnight walks on Thursdays often bring much solace and joy to those who have a difficult home environment and those who simply cannot afford housing.

Just make sure your parents are cool with you returning home in the middle of the night!

Or, if you’re an early bird, you can join the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) or Willing Hearts to cook, pack and distribute meals to low-income families.

These non-profit organisations begin their tasks of meal preparation and delivery as early as 5.30am.

So, be sure to get a good night’s rest beforehand!

Yong-En Care Centre also does ad-hoc bread and food deliveries to elderly and low-income households.

Do consider joining them every second Thursday of the month (food), or every first and third Wednesday of the month (bread)!

4. Care for creation

For more ad-hoc and environment-related volunteering, you can join Trash Hero Singapore to do beach clean-ups at their events.

The latest one involves cleaning up a beach on Coney Island on 28 May from 9-11am!

More initiatives by Waterways Watch Society include patrolling and cleaning up Singapore’s major reservoirs (you must be able to cycle or kayak) or gardening.

These would require a commitment of at least 60 volunteering hours a year.

You can also check out a relatively young organisation called Creation Care SG.

They aim to raise awareness among churches about how our faith should inform our relationship with the environment.

Volunteers can join and organise contemplative nature walks or beach clean-ups, and even help them out with their social media platforms.

5. Make a difference online

Finally, the digital realm has changed the way we volunteer, as we are no longer restricted by physical limitations.

At Cru, a Christian outreach ministry dedicated to evangelism and discipleship, you can get involved with content creation, web design and admin support.

Simply fill up the form under “Find Out More” (some roles require your resume) and commitment can be negotiated after that!

Another organisation would be Kitesong, which seeks to empower undeserved communities across the world.

You can help out with their social media, videography, web design and finances.

Commitment level is at least a year, between 4-6 hours a week.

If you’ve been wanting to volunteer for some time, this is a great time to do so. Don’t put it off any longer – grab a couple of friends if you want, and start now.

However, here’s a challenge: Don’t view it as some community service project. Truly give it your all, and carry the fragrance of Christ wherever you go (2 Corinthians 2:15). 

Ultimately, whatever you do, the Bible encourages us to do it with thankfulness in our hearts and with Jesus in mind (Colossians 3:17).

Let’s make our time count!

  1. How are you spending your summer break?
  2. What are some needs you see in your community?
  3. What are the burdens God has placed in your heart?
  4. Where is one place you’d like to begin volunteering?