You’ve heard it time and again. In a season like this, we need to cover our nation in prayer.

To this end, we’ve put together 16 points of prayer for Singapore. So whether it’s praying for the afflicted, the workers serving on the frontlines or those in positions of power, let’s remember these 16 groups of people in prayer!


Singapore now has the third highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases after China and Japan.Ā As of February 10, there are now 45 confirmed cases with seven in critical condition. A total of 896 people have been quarantined.

Let’s thank God for the seven patients who have fully recovered from the virus so far. Continue to remember there’s a life behind every number and pray for:

  • Healing and protectionĀ 
  • Peace for family members and loved ones
  • Comfort during this time of trouble


Serving on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle, our medical workers have been working tirelessly to care for the afflicted and the affected. Yet, for all of their hard work and effort, some of them canā€™t even take trains or buy food in peace.Ā 

So let’s show our brothers and sisters some love when we see them in public. They’re fighting for us, so we should also fight for them. Pray for:

  • Protection, health and strength
  • Quality rest and time with loved onesĀ 
  • Favour with all Singaporeans when they are out in public


The authorities have responded to the crisis with measures like implementing travel restrictions, providing masks for every Singaporean household, and instituting health checks at workplaces and schools. They’ve also taken steps to contain the spread of the virus, reflected in the changes to the DORSCON code.

So let us cover our leaders in prayer ā€“ God knows they need it in this time. Pray for:

  • Wisdom to respond swiftly and appropriately to changing circumstances
  • Clarity of mind
  • Heart of compassion


Local churches here have started to take various precautions like temperature taking, cancelling church services for children and elderly, as well as starting livestreams. These measures naturally mean the mobilisation of more help to cope with the increased workload.Ā 

Let’s not forget the two churches that have been directly impacted by the coronavirus cases. Pray for:Ā 

  • Wisdom and strength for church staff and volunteers.
  • Protection against the coronavirus for churches.
  • Christ’s love and unity to be evident through the body of Christ.


The situation has meant disruptions to most workplaces, and not all teams have the luxury to work from home. Implementing precautionary measures like mass temperature taking also require much planning and coordination.

Some bosses have even ended up bearing additional burdens when their foreign workers could not return home from abroad.Ā Pray for:

  • Wisdom for management teams to respond swiftly and appropriately to changing circumstancesĀ 
  • Patience and understanding among employees and bosses
  • Minimal impact on businessesĀ 


Contact tracers from the Ministry of Health (MOH) have an arduous task. There are reportedly only 70 people who have to contact more than 900 individuals that have come into contact with patients so far. Pray for:

  • Stamina to cope with the demands of the job
  • Success in tracing contacts
  • Favour so their contacts will cooperateĀ 


Service is hard enough as it is.Ā People like F&B and retail staff, hawker stall aunties and uncles, security guards and MRT staff continue to face the crowds each day as they carry out their work duties. In this trying time, let’s pray for:

  • Protection against the coronavirus
  • Compassion from the ones they serveĀ 
  • Provision for those whose livelihoods have been affected


To keep our public spaces clean, some new measures implemented include cleaning hawker centres every four hours compared to once a day previously. The lift buttons of public estates are also being disinfected three times a day.

We can help by clearing our own food trays and being personally responsible for our hygiene. We can also help through prayer. Pray for:

  • Protection against the coronavirus
  • StrengthĀ as they labour to clean vast public areas
  • Provision for their needs


Let’s remember the folks who help us get around. To protect taxi drivers and bus drivers, masks have been given to them, while private-hire companies such as Grab have temporarily suspendedĀ ride-sharing options for users’ safety.Ā 

Pray for:

  • Wisdom to know how to keep themselves safe
  • Compassion from passengersĀ 
  • Protection from the coronavirus


Ever since the mass panic-buying, many staff in our local supermarkets have had to work overtime so that the shelves do not remain empty. Let’s not forget those who are working hard in the supermarkets and warehouses to ensure that we have enough at home. Pray for:

  • Protection from the coronavirus
  • Replenished strength as they replenish our shelves
  • Smooth logistics


Even before stocks ran out, basic necessities and surgical masks were already hard to come by for needy families. The homeless are also particularly vulnerable: Not only do they lack the means to purchase basic necessities, many have no proper shelter. Pray for:

  • Protection against the coronavirusĀ 
  • Provision for their needs
  • Love and compassion from others to reach out and serve the needy


Immunity is a big concern for this group. Recovery takes longer and is harder at their age as well.Ā  So let us cover our older folks in prayer and honour them as our elders ā€“ there is also blessing in doing so. Pray for:

  • Protection against the coronavirusĀ 
  • Help and healing from God for those already weakened by other illnesses or health problems
  • Family unity as we stand by our ageing parents and grandparents


Besides the elderly, children are the other group of people who are most susceptible to being infected by the coronavirus. Think of the recent cases reported, which include a 6-month-old and a two-year-old girl.Ā There have also been reports of racism. Do remember our young Singaporeans studying overseas who might be facing discrimination because of the coronavirus paranoia. Pray for:

  • Protection for the little ones
  • Wisdom for educators as they teach children about the coronavirusĀ 
  • Loving responses in the face of racism and xenophobia


Think of the migrant workers whose families may be infected or at risk of infection back home. Think of how worried they must be while not having the means or ability to return home to care for their family. Pray for:

  • Protection for these migrant workers and their familiesĀ 
  • Compassion and fairness from their employers
  • Provision for their needs while working in Singapore


Our brothers and sisters with disabilities may struggle through this season harder than most. With some relying fully on caretakers, they are also at greater risk. In this vulnerable time, let us pray for:

  • Protection from COVID-19
  • Heightened immunity for every PWD
  • Caregivers to be wise, diligent and strengthened in keeping PWDs safe


While many in the world shake with fear, let us overcome fear with faith because of the peace we have in Christ. When others look at us, may they see hope amid despair, and life in the face of death. Pray for:

  • Peace as we still our hearts before God
  • Conviction of God’s sovereignty over all things
  • Grace to be salt and light in the world, and to point others to Jesus
  1. Take a moment to pray for the various individuals affected by the coronavirus in Singapore.
  2. Which of these groups of people do you feel most burdened by?Ā 
  3. Are there ways you can meet their needs on top of prayer?
  4. On top of all these prayer points, let’s pray that the good news of the Gospel will be shared and for more to know about Jesus.