When it comes to overcoming the fear of praying for the sick, how you think is really important.

It makes all the difference and sets you up to minister in faith.

Let me give three quick tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Tell yourself: What if healing happens?”

Most times, the moment we want to pray for the sick, the worst-case scenarios start to play in our minds.

For example, when praying for the sick, the lingering thought would be: “What if healing doesn’t happen?”

In fact, the bolder we want to be, the louder that thought will be. So how do we shut it off?

Instead of thinking: “What if healing does not happen?” Turn that thought around and tell yourself: “What if healing happens?”

The former thought pattern focuses very much on self. “If healing doesn’t happen, I will be embarrassed.”

The latter thought pattern shifts that focus from self to God. “What if healing happens? God gets the glory!”

Tip 2: Tell yourself: You’re already dead in Christ.”

Let me share with you a paradigm-shifting statement that one of my volunteers made.

One day I asked him: “Why do you have such guts to go around to pray for people on the streets?”

He told me: “Oh because I die already. I’m already dead in Christ so my face doesn’t matter anymore.”

Do not worry, Jesus will take care of his own reputation.

Tip 3: Tell yourself: They dont lose anything if they dont get healed”

Even if they didn’t get healed, they didn’t lose anything. You didn’t collect money anyway, so no harm for them to try this free option to get healed.

If there is no immediate healing, you can thank them for their time and continue to point them to Jesus.