With the examinations coming up for most students, many of us are in a season of preparation. It’s a time of hard work, and sometimes, immense stress.

Thankfully, we can look to God in prayer as we enter this period, trusting that He will see us through. So here are seven prayers for every kind of student. We can declare them over ourselves, our friends and our teachers.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you add your own words to these prayers or use them as inspiration!

A prayer for the slacker

Do you find that you don’t really see meaning in working hard at school? Is school boring and maybe too difficult? Perhaps other interests call out to you. Sometimes, we feel that the time spent in school is a waste, and we would rather spend it elsewhere.

Finding motivation to work excellently can be a challenge. If you resonate with this, here is a prayer for you:

Dear Lord, I lift up myself into Your hands. I pray that You will help me with school. Help me to be motivated to do the work that is before me. Help me find enjoyment and satisfaction in all that I do. I pray especially for the subjects that I find tiresome. Help me as I work at them excellently for Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for the procrastinator

We don’t always feel like doing work. Especially when there is much to do, we lose motivation to do anything. We put off work, choosing to do things we like. When we finally return to work, much time has passed, and that leaves us stressed out.

Or perhaps you procrastinate because you feel that you can only work under pressure. Whatever the case, if you identify as a procrastinator, this can be your prayer:

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will help me to work hard. You know how I like to procrastinate, and I know that being distracted and leaving things to the last minute are not good. I can’t help myself. Help me, Lord, to be motivated to do work. Help me find a balance between relaxing and working hard, and grant me productivity for that which is before me. Help me to develop a good work ethic and so find satisfaction in my work. I want to delight in what I do, and I need You to help me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for the hard worker

Are you self-driven to do well? Maybe there is a goal that you hold close to your heart. You want to get into a certain school, or you hope to achieve good grades. Perhaps you have a profession in mind, and you know what you need to achieve it.

Even though school can be challenging, you work hard. While your grades won’t always be up to your expectations, you press on because you hope to do well.

If you are a hard worker, this is a prayer for you:

Dear God, I pray that You will continue to help me as I work hard. Let me stay motivated, and be with me as I press on. In all that I do, may I rely on You and not on my own strength. Even if I do not always do as well as I would like to, may my disappointments only last for a short time. Turn any setbacks into motivation to do better. But most of all, may You be the centre of my life. Help me to never forget to spend time with You, and Lord, lead me to where You want me to be. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for the overachiever

You’re an overachiever. You get good grades, and you’re also good at other things outside of your studies. Maybe you have many friends. Perhaps you’re in various committees in school. The teachers like you, and the other students look up to you as a role model.

Sometimes it can be stressful though, but you like working hard and doing well. Here is a possible prayer for you:

Father God, I thank You for all that You have given me. I thank You for all the blessings, and I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am without You. Lord continue to bless me in all that I do. Let me never be proud, but help me walk always in humility. Show me how I can be Your ambassador wherever I go. I want to be a blessing to the people around me. May I find rest in You alone, and may You always be a priority in my life. Help me grow into the person You want me to be. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for the average student

Aha! Maybe you don’t fit perfectly in any of the above categories. You work hard, but not that hard. You procrastinate… but not all the time. Good grades come by sometimes, but even if you don’t do well all the time, that’s alright with you.

If you feel that this is you, here’s a prayer you can make:

Dear Lord, I thank You for who You have made me to be. I thank You for school, and for the wonderful people You have put in my life. Lord, help me to work excellently, and help me to do well for Your glory. Use me as a message to the world about how good you are, and continue to guide me in my life. Show me what is really important, and help me to pursue it. May I always live for You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for our classmates

We are all different. One thing we have in common? We all have our own struggles. Even our classmates who seem to have everything going for them are not perfect. Here’s how you can cover your classmates in prayer:

Dear God, I pray for my classmates. Lord, bless them and be with them. I pray especially for those who have yet to come to know You. Help them see You through the love and words of Christians around them. I pray that the Christians in school will rise up to be a testimony to them. Give us the courage to share Your love with our friends. Help us to be good examples and to always act in love.

I pray against the problems that my classmates face. You know our individual struggles. May we find fulfilment and joy in You. As the exam period draws closer, help us all work hard. May we not be fearful, but may our hearts be filled with peace. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for our teachers

Our teachers are human too. Funny as it is, we sometimes forget that our teachers need help just like us. Let us keep our teachers in prayer, and appreciate them for their work. 

God, I pray for the teachers in my school. I thank You for them, and I ask that You bless them. Please help those who have yet to come to know You — that they will find You in life! Help my teachers as they work, motivate them and give them joy and fulfilment. Help them to love what they do. Strengthen them, and be with them. I ask also that You bless their families, God. Help them in any struggles they face. As the exam period draws closer, strengthen their hand. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

School isn’t just a time we learn new things. It’s also one where we hang out with our friends, grow as people and find out who we are. While life isn’t free of troubles, we can trust in God to bring us through any difficulty.

Let us continue to keep Jesus the centre of our lives, and be the light among our classmates as we walk each day in faith!

  1. Which student profile did you identify most with?
  2. Take a moment and make that prayer to God. 
  3. Did you see any of your friends in those profiles? Why not send them a message and share that prayer with them? 🙂