I remember stepping into campus for the first time and… “overwhelming” is one way of putting it.

With so many clubs and activities calling out to you, it may be difficult to find the right community.

But don’t fear, because we’ve got your back: here’s a non-exhaustive list of Christian groups you can find on local campuses with welcome events that you can attend. 


NUS Navigators

Navigators is a Bible study group led by passionate youths on campus. Not one to stick to the conventional, they’re even hosting coding workshops for those seeking to get a headstart in Python! 

They’ll be hosting a Freshmen Welcome Tea to introduce freshies to the Navigators community in NUS and to showcase their activities for the semester.

Click here for the signup link. In the meantime, you can follow their Instagram page to stay tuned for more information! 

Date: 18 August, 630pm – 930pm 


Regenerate (or Regen as they’re also commonly known) is an independent campus ministry that aims to reach, equip and send students to live for Jesus in university and beyond. They host regular Bible studies and workshops on campus. 

Regen’s annual Freshmen Orientation Camp is titled Radical. The camp will involve a series of talks and Bible studies from 1 Peter, aimed at helping participants explore what it means to live radically for Jesus, especially on campus.

There will also be a fun line-up of workshops and games. Click here for the signup link and follow their Instagram and Telegram channel! 

Date: 31 July – 2 August 


Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF)

VCF is an inter-denominational student ministry in NUS that was formed in 1952. The council oversees fellowship groups across faculties, halls and residences. 

While signups have closed for their upcoming Freshman Orientation Camp, they will be hosting a Welcome Tea for those unable to make it for the camp. Further details to come on their Instagram and Telegram channel.



NTU Cru’s annual Stayover will be happening on 25-27 August. The camp will be centred around the theme of renewal and hopes to be a time for realignment and refreshing one’s soul.

The annual camp brings together the entire NTU Cru community in one place, so if you’re an incoming freshie it’s definitely a great place to find a Christian community! Here’s the signup link

Date: 25 – 27 August 

Oh, and there’s also a Welcome Tea for those who are unable to make it for the Stayover – alumni will be there to share more about Cru as well! 

Date: 24 August, 630pm 

Follow their Instagram page to stay tuned for updates and catch their booth at NTU’s Official Welcome Week Fest! 

Christian Fellowship (CF)

NTUCF is an interdenominational student ministry that hopes to be effective salt and light on campus and beyond.

They have three language sections, each with a big focus on community.

  • Christian Fellowship Orientation Programme 2023 (CFOP) 

At the English section of NTUCF, freshmen will get to hear from seniors about what NTUCF is all about. Check out their Instagram for upcoming details!

Date: 18 – 19 August

  • Chinese Section (CCF) 南大基督徒学生福音团契 迎新营 Freshmen Orientation 2023

The camp is open to all NTU students and will be conducted in Mandarin. Registration will be opened soon so check out their Instagram for future updates.

Date: 18 – 19 August 

  • Indonesian Students’ Section (ISCF) Outreach 2023

All NTU students and freshmen are welcome to join this friendly and informative session conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

Get to know about NTUCF, campus life and meet fellow freshmen. Registration will be opening soon, stay updated through their Instagram.

Date: 27 July 2023

They’ll be ending their camp lineup with a Christian Fellowship Get Together from 21st to 25th August which combines all 3 sections in one place. Details are yet to be confirmed, so get ready!

Christian Union 

NTU CU will be hosting their annual Orientation Event, titled “CU2D”. 

The camp is open to all, including freshmen and seniors, so be sure to sign up if you’re keen on finding a Chrisitan community in NTU. The event will be held from 18th to 19th August, including a beach day on day 2, so you can look forward to an exciting lineup of games during the camp!  

Click here for the signup link. Be sure to follow their tele channel and Instagram page for more updates! 


Christian Fellowship

Led by a group of passionate individuals, SMU Christian Fellowship is an independent student ministry founded in 2000. It aims to build a community for fellow Christians to support each other and grow spiritually through the Gospel while sharing their faith with non-believers. 

They host regular sessions, consisting of: 

  1. SUPer Tuesdays which are their main gatherings to hear God’s Word and have fellowship with one another
  2. Growth Groups which are small Bible study groups for those looking for a smaller group of friends to connect with! There are three slots to choose from.
  3.  Workshops are hosted every Friday which target specific topics in the Bible or serve as time to pray with other CFers

They’ll be putting together an exciting Freshmen Orientation Camp from 18 – 19 August. It’s something you definitely won’t want to miss if you’re seeking a happening Christian community!

More details will be rolled out soon you can stay tuned through their Instagram and their Telegram channel!


To welcome incoming freshies, SMU Cru will be hosting an orientation camp titled Ecclesia.

As the word “community” appears so frequently in the Bible, the camp aims to realign SMU Cru to what a Christ-centered community should be.

For freshies who are nervous about exploring a new spiritual community outside of church, be sure to check out this event.

More details are soon to be released you can follow their Instagram to stay updated! 

Date: 25 – 26 August 


Christian Fellowship

SIT CF will be launching a Welcome Day for freshies keen to join a Christian community on campus!

It’ll be a great time of fellowship and good food while getting to know fellow brothers and sisters-in-Christ at SIT. 

Date: 18 August, 10am-2pm

Sign up here, and do check out their Instagram page for upcoming details! 


Christian Union

SUSS-CU will be kicking off the semester with an Orientation Camp titled Mission-Minded.

The camp aims to equip students to be evangelism-minded in university and to share the Gospel with their fellow peers.

It’ll be a fun time of games, fellowship and prayer as well. Click here to sign up now, and check out their Instagram page for further updates!

Date: 4 – 5 August

 Christian Fellowship

SUSS CF’s is hosting an exciting two part event for incoming freshmen this year titled “Koinonia”. The events aim to engage believers in a spiritual community that focuses on the new life they have in Jesus Christ. 

Koinonia Part 1: The Christian Fellowship, A Body of Believers is their annual Freshmen Orientation Dinner. It will be held on 7th August, from 730 pm onwards at FES.

There will be food catered as well as a short introduction to SUSS CF, and games to get to know your fellow attendees! 

Koinonia Part 2: An Intimate Spiritual Communion is their annual Welcome Tea. It will be held on 15th August, from 730 pm onwards at FES. 

The Tea will involve sharings about their vision, direction and upcoming plans for the semester as well as ministries to serve in. 

Sign up here and be sure to follow their tele channel and Instagram page for future updates! Here’s their LinkTree for more info.


Cru on Campus Singapore

This isn’t your usual orientation event; Cru on Campus Singapore is lining up two events that will gather all Cru campus ministries across the island in one place! 

  • Walking With Jesus On Campus

Time to strap on those hiking shoes, CRU will be taking students on a Saturday morning trekking trip to Mount Faber Park.

There will be facilitated group discussions during the hike which aim to create space for authentic conversations about walking with Jesus on campus. 

Date: 22 July, 9am-1230pm 

  • Living With Jesus’ Heart For My Campus

This will be a great opportunity to meet seniors from your campuses while being refreshed to carry God’s heart as you kick off your university journey.

The event will be held at Kum Yan Methodist Church (Living Room L6) and dinner will be provided!  

Date: 26 July, 630-9pm

Do check out their Instagram for more future updates!