EQUIP is a lay training initiative of Trinity Theological College. These courses are designed with lay Christians in mind, to offer theological education for Christians who desire to be well-equipped to live out their faith in Jesus Christ and develop an effective and faithful ministry.

EQUIP offers a range of topics in systematic theology, biblical studies, missions, church history, ministry, and current issues. Some courses happening this quarter include “A Christian Perspective on Happiness and Freedom”, “The Church That Listens: Counselling Essentials for Ministry”, “100,000 Sundays: The History of Christian Worship and Its Ongoing Relevance for Today” and so on.

All the courses will be engaged in depth by EQUIP instructors who are either from TTC faculty or guest lecturers, all of whom are highly qualified subject matter experts in their fields.

Consequently, many TTC alumni and other pastors, Christian ministry staff, missionaries, and lay leaders also attend our courses for their own continuing education.

Find out more about EQUIP Q2 courses here! For any queries, feel free to reach out to [email protected].