Calling all 16-25 years old: come and join conversations on cultural issues from the lens of a biblical worldview! Wrestle with topics like:

  1. The Case For Life (2 Nov 2022)
  2. Truth Changes Everything (23 Nov 2022)
  3. Does Jesus Really Heal Everything? (7 Dec 2022)
  4. Bioethics: Getting the Big Picture Right (21 Dec 2022)
  5. Dealing with Doubts (11 Jan 2023)
  6. Five to Thrive: Meet Your Needs, Once and For All (25 Jan 2023)

All session timings are from 8 to 9.30pm SGT over Zoom.

We will be using videos from Summit Ministries’ Student Conference 2022 in this series for our conversations.

For more information and registration, click here. Otherwise WhatsApp 81802725 or email [email protected].