More than ever, we need to have a sense of bearing to navigate through these uncertain times. Hence, Soaring (for women) and Quest (for men) hope to answer 4 questions people usually ask:

  1. What is my uniqueness?
  2. What is my life purpose?
  3. Where am I going?
  4. How do I get there?

Soaring and Quest help participants look at every aspect of their lives – personal, vocational and directional. At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Discover their strengths and core values
  • Identify their life passions
  • Define their life foundation
  • Clarify their life direction
  • Acquire practical skills of setting priorities, boundaries and decision making

Invite your non-Christian friends on this journey to discover their life design and their life foundation! You can find out more about Soaring and Quest, or send your quiries to [email protected].

Register here! Costs will be $60 for registration and lunch, and $38 for book and postage (GST included).