What does it truly mean to have an overflow of the Spirit? How much do we want to be immersed in His presence?

Questions like these encapsulate the heart behind saturaTE – an annual summit organised by The Encounter (TE). We are gathering not only to avail ourselves to worship our King, but also to steward His presence and have an encounter with Him so profound that it transforms our hearts and daily walk with the Lord.

This year’s saturaTE is themed “Closer” – a call to deepen our intimacy with God and to draw nearer to Him than we have ever been before.

God’s heart reaches out to those who yearn and desire for more of Him, those who are ready to intentionally carve out time to encounter Him. Therefore, we will sit at His feet, surrender ourselves in worship, and create space for God to reveal His will in our hearts as we behold Him.

Mark this date, make an appointment with the Lord, and register here! Come with expectancy, and come ready to have your hearts drenched in God’s love.

Imagine an entire room filled with eager hearts waiting on the Lord, just like in the upper room. He will come and meet us.