With over 4,000 pairs of ears from 44 different nations listening in great anticipation at the start of Kingdom Invasion 2018, Lou Engle opened the conference on March 13 with a familiar word – this is the 40th year since Billy Graham’s prophecy over Singapore as the Antioch of Asia in 1978.

And in the wake of Dr Graham’s passing on February 21, 2018, barely a month before this gathering, he believed it has been no accident or coincidence of timing.

Comparing the renowned evangelist to the prophet Elijah and referencing the early chapters of 2 Kings where Elijah was taken up to heaven after passing on a double portion of his anointing to his servant Elisha, Engle pleaded with Singaporeans not to take their prophetic destiny lightly.

Prophetic word is an invitation to the Cross – Jesus went to the Cross because His ears were open to the Father.

“Can you hear my cry?” he asked the crowd. “Singapore has the invitation to be the Antioch of Asia – but if you don’t choose Antioch, you will end up with arrogance on one side and apathy on the other.”

“You have to choose Antioch. It means sacrificing everything to see this Antioch vision come forth.

“Prophetic word is an invitation to the Cross – Jesus went to the Cross because His ears were open to the Father.”

Would Singapore have their ears open to feel the urgency to pick up the mantle left by Billy Graham, the way Elisha picked up Elijah’s cloak after his master had returned to God in a supernatural whirlwind? (2 Kings 2:9-12)

“If we depend on ourselves, we will get arrogance. If we don’t care about anything but our own lives, we will get apathy.”

It was a warning, but one laced with love and encouragement.

In relation to this, Engle invited his ministry partner of 34 years, Chris Berglund, up on stage to share a dream he’d received the night before Kingdom Invasion 2017. 

Chris shared that he’d seen himself in a room with a high ceiling, much like the conference hall where we were seated at Expo. At the end of the event, the owner of the building came forth and asked him to go to Dock 1-17. He was to find a ship there, which he was to cover and raise up.

“When I found the ship, a voice came from behind me saying: Whatever was planted in 1938 and 1978 will see a harvest in 2018.'” 

Interpreting the ship to be Singapore, Engle noted that although they didn’t fully understand the significance of those dates, a quick check on Google revealed that these were the years that missionary John Sung had first brought a wave of revival to Singapore in 1938, and the Billy Graham Crusades in 1978.

Whatever was planted in 1938 and 1978 will see a harvest in 2018.

He believed that the numbers “1-17” were related to Daniel 1:17.

“To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.” (Daniel 1:17)

“God is going to ship from Singapore ‘Daniel 1:17’ dimensions of revelation. The supernatural revelation of Daniel is going to lift up Singapore.” Engle declared with excitement.

As he was speaking, someone stepped forward and showed him something on a mobile phone. A bright smile spread across Engle‘s face as he realised what he was seeing.

“Singapore’s geographical coodinates are 1º17!”

But he emphasised again that if Singapore did not pay attention to visions and dreams, they would remain as they are – just dreams.

And in the way Daniel turned his heart towards seeking God through regular prayer and fasting as he received these visions and dreams, we too should follow this model of responding to revelation with intercession.

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.'” (Acts 2:17)

These are the last days, Engle rallied the crowd. Who here was willing to fast and pray in this hugely significant year of great transition for Singapore?

“You don’t just dream your own dreams – you dream the dreams for your time. When Daniel understood it was time, he set his face to fasting. To turn the nation back. To loose the bonds of the captives.
“You’re in a 40-year cyclical review. It’s an inspection; the Lord is coming to inspect Singapore.
“Don’t miss your moment.”

When Daniel understood it was time, he set his face to fasting. To turn the nation back. To loose the bonds of the captives.

Engle went on to recount many related dreams and encounters he’d had and heard of leading up to tonight, but one from Singaporean Oh Wei Lun stood out.

In her dream, Wei Lun found herself in a big white room with marbled floors and a throne in the centre of it. “Dreams have to be judged,” Engle admitted as he shared her story, “but I do believe she met God in the Great Throne Room.”

Upon seeing a grandfatherly figure with a face too bright to be seen seated on the throne, Wei Lun had run forward and told God: Do you know that the greatest revival in the history of mankind is about to happen in Singapore?

In her dream, Dr Billy Graham then entered the throne room, looking about 60 years old, the age he gave the prophetic word to Singapore, and she awoke with these words ringing in her ears.

“More will be given to those who will humble themselves.”

Kingdom Invasion 2018 will run until Friday at Singapore Expo Halls 7/8. Night sessions starting from 7:30pm are free, subjected to availability of seats. For more details, visit www.kingdominvasion.sg.