The upcoming X4 Creative Conference on April 10 promises to bring Christian creatives together to share stories, exchange ideas and bridge people into communities and collaborations. Ahead of X4, we’re featuring its speakers – Christian pioneers and artists who have been serving up the Gospel in fresh ways, challenging culture and communities. This week’s creative? DEBBIE NG (3:16 Church)!

1.⁠ ⁠How did you first come to be involved in the creative industry/realm?

I spent my early years in media and events. This was followed by a really fun time in the fashion industry where I got to design and market different collections.

After that, God opened a door to a dream job in the fast moving consumer goods industry where I spent close to 10 years creating products, launching brand campaigns and partnering global creative agencies. I learnt so much at every job!

2.⁠ ⁠How does your current work involve creativity and culture?

Once upon a time I used to launch global brands, now I am a pastor at 3:16 Church representing the best “brand” of Jesus!

While the church world is not typically known as a creative industry, creativity is actually an essential part of pastoring people.

Connecting to people in a relatable language, sharing stories of hope and stewarding platforms that help people get to know who Jesus is.

We represent the Creator; creativity should mark the ways we lead the church! 

Creativity in my job looks very different on different days. Some days, I am putting together a lesson packed with fun and games for a regular bunch of 3-12 year old kids.

Other days, I am working on a social media strategy on how to best share about Jesus to the vast online community. In other times still, I am creating opportunities for people to love and champion vulnerable and marginalised communities.

I love it that each day is packed with different expressions of creativity, each one is a fresh encounter with God.

When I read the gospels, I see Jesus express creativity in similar varied expressions. 

3.⁠ ⁠How is your work influenced by the understanding that God is creative?

One of the distinctive goals of 3:16 Church is to carry God’s heart for justice and mercy, to care for those often forgotten in society.

A few years ago, God moved our hearts to start Brave Club, our special needs ministry. In this journey, God overhauled our idea and expectation of “church service” and He challenged us to think out of the box to connect.

Today we use sports, dance, music and movement, storytelling to share His love in Brave Club.

While Brave Club might not look like “church” to most, I have learnt that God is not bounded by form or format.

Things didn’t stop at just caring for the children and families, God continued to stirred our hearts to raise the awareness for this group too.

Using videos, online conversations, social media, we started to educate, provoke and encourage others to join us.

The possibilities are endless when we decide to surrender ourselves and choose to partner God at every step, all the way from the very first creative ideation!

4.⁠ ⁠What do you hope to impart through your sharing at the X4 Creative Conference?

My hope is that we will dream with God again, and in this process realise that He has given us talents, resources and creativity to unlock His amazing plans so that others may know who He is.

I pray that we would partner Him in bringing hope, joy and aid to those who have a special place in our Father’s heart – the vulnerable and marginalised.

I hope that no one will belittle what He has placed in us and in our hands; it is not by our strength nor for our fame. We must recognise what a privilege it is to partner Jesus on earth so that the good news may be proclaimed!