United in love for God and one another, Christians across Singapore are hitting the streets to bless their neighbours. 

Looking at how believers have been selflessly reaching out to their communities, I think we’ve been looking more and more like the early Church in the book of Acts!

Here are just a few heartwarming examples.


Knowing that hand sanitisers are in high demand, a cell group came together to customise around 40 mini bottles of Dettol sprays, which all come with a sticker label bearing the name of their church. 

Photos courtesy of Jun Jie

Jun Jie was initially afraid that this great idea would be hampered by the sheer amount of time it would take to put the sprays together. But his spiritual family proved him wrong.

Despite their busy schedules, they availed themselves knowing that they were doing this for God. They also saw the initiative as a way to bring the church to people’s homes. 

They courageously handed out these handmade Dettol sprays to the neighbours residing in his block, who responded positively to the gifts and received them joyfully.

Jun Jie shared that he never expected his life group’s little act of kindness to make that big of an impact. Because of this initiative, Jun Jie’s neighbours also now know that he is a Christian, which has made him more confident in being salt and light where God has placed him.


When she heard about COVID-19 making its rounds, Sarah* decided to be a blessing by first placing a bottle of hand sanitiser in the lift for communal use.

Then she went a step further to purchase hand sanitisers online and transfer them into smaller bottles that she bought from Daiso. With the help of her son, she then gave out 25 bottles to neighbours residing in her block. 


Photos courtesy of Sarah’s son

These acts might seem simple, but they are a testimony of God’s transformative work in Sarah’s life.

Sarah shared she used to be sceptical about strangers’ kindness and didn’t think that anyone could be genuinely good without an agenda. Until 2016, when she came to know of a God who demonstrates His perfect goodness without any agenda. As God reconciled her to Him through Jesus Christ, she recognised that her life is no longer her own – she now lives to love what God loves.


On Valentine’s Day, young volunteers from Heart of God Church (HOGC) distributed 300 care packs to healthcare professionals in collaboration with friends from other religious groups and clan associations.

Each care pack had an assortment of fruits, vitamin C and a heartfelt note for healthcare professionals at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. 

The initiative was part of HOGC’s Heart for Our Heroes campaign, which seeks to cheer on frontline workers in this difficult COVID-19 period. 

Image source: HOGC Stories


The idea was for frontline medical workers to enjoy free coffee or tea for that extra boost of encouragement. To do this, Julie Chen and her cell group began Operation #BoosterShot, raising $4,000 in just two days among their own friends.

The cell group then decided to start a formal online campaign and the initial target of $15,000 was raised by Singaporeans quickly, which encouraged Julie’s team to increase the target to $25,000, expanding the initiative beyond just blessing healthcare professionals at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

In total, more than $25,000 was collected, resulting in the redemption of more than 1,600 cups for Singapore General Hospital staff, among other healthcare workers.


In a Facebook post, Yio Chu Kang Chapel shared how they had presented notes of encouragement to healthcare workers at Sengkang General Hospital, which were handwritten by various church members and staff.

A separate post also shared how they had extended this initiative beyond healthcare staff: “Thank You posters” were sent to folks in the Ministry of Health and Singapore Police Force, as well as public workers like Certis officers and cleaners. 

We don’t have to wait until someone visits the church – let’s bring the church to them! 

While these efforts are heartening, I’m reminded of the importance to stand together in prayer for the churches and families affected in this season. 

May these five examples encourage you to be a blessing for the community God has placed you in. Don’t hesitate to rally the people around you – let’s be the light that shines in the darkness.

And remember, we don’t have to wait until someone visits the church – let’s bring the church to them! 

*Sarah has requested to use a pseudonym for confidentiality.

  1. Who are the people you can bless?
  2. What can you do to bless them? (There are ideas in the list!)
  3. Who can you rally as a team to be a blessing in this way?