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Singapore, let’s pause and pray at 12pm: LoveSingapore unfurls national noontime prayer

by Gabriel Ong // February 14, 2020, 12:00 pm


As Singapore battles against COVID-19, the Church must rise up in urgent unity to pray for our land. To that end, LoveSingapore today announced their [email protected] mobilisation strategy for united prayer across local churches. 

How the Midday Minute works is simple: Wherever you are, at 12pm, just stop and pray for a moment. 

“Wherever we are, at 12pm – noon – we will pause and pray together for Singapore. We will synchronise prayers daily at 12noon sharp. We will set our phone alarms to ring at 12noon. Imagine all our alarms ringing at the same time across the city!” LoveSingapore said.

“For as long as the Spirit leads – go five minutes or fifteen minutes or one hour. Our God hears. Our God sees. Our God will act!”

Kicking off today on February 14, 2020 (Friday), these are the prayer pointers suggested by LoveSingapore:

 You can kope and share the image above as well! 

The key thing here is about unity, agreeing together in our prayers with a clear and common purpose!

LoveSingapore added: “For such a time as this, unity is the key. We believe in the power of prayer agreement. For such a time as this, we need every believer to arise and seek God together for Singapore. A prophetic act, just like the ringing of church bells, summoning the faithful to action when their village or town is threatened.”

We love how LoveSingapore dreamed of Christians’ alarms ringing all across the island at 12noon. That really is like church bells ringing, calling the people in a crisis or summoning the town to action.

So let’s pray for our beloved nation. And let’s do it together as one.

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