Your truth wraps my heart from breaking
And you hold me in a safety
That even the fiercest storms
Can’t shake me
Oh You save me
And I’m forever in a love
I can never repay
For when I was drowning
You gave it all to save me

There’s a story behind this song.

The short story is that a negative comment was said in my direction, and even though what was said was unfounded, it still bothered me very much.

We are told to just be resilient, but sometimes, we need something to base our strength on. In this situation, when I started to feel the despondence threaten to overwhelm me, I ran to God. His Word and Holy Spirit were a real comfort to me.

Sometimes the negative words that were said to me will come back to my mind and threaten to shake my confidence. But I cling to the words of assurance from God, and with His authority rebuke those seeds of doubt.

As I reflected on the situation, I wrote a poem about it, and subsequently set the poem to a tune.

Since God inspired me with a song, I thought I should just share it. I’m not currently a worship leader, and neither do I have a strong voice. But I hope this song encourages any of you going through a similar situation.