It’s December! So this is Christmas…

But in a year where the world has been turned upside down, this is a Christmas unlike any in recent memory. Many churches haven’t even reopened to on-site service yet, and many are unlikely to be open by Christmastime for the traditional evangelistic events.

However, The Thirst Collective, which includes Thir.stSalt&Light and Stories of Hope, believes that we as believers should not lose the spirit, opportunity or momentum for evangelism.

Just because churches are unable to hold large evangelistic events doesn’t mean evangelism shouldn’t or cannot take place! Instead of the message being shared in church buildings, we believe this is the year to bring the message home. Your home.

Introducing: A Christmas Invitation

This year, instead of inviting your pre-believing friends/family to church, why not invite them to your home for a meal? 

And instead of having them watch an elaborate Christmas drama/musical production, why not invite them to watch a short, simple, heartfelt video testimony?

It’s as simple as that! Extend them A Christmas Invitation to a meal, and anyone with a smartphone or TV can share the Gospel with them!


Think of a family member or friend you’d like to invite to share the reason behind the season of Christmas. Drop them a message. Say you’ve been thinking of them, and you’d like their company at this special time of the year.

Feel free to use this image together with your invitation!


We believe the best food is anything cooked with love! If you can’t cook, consider ordering in from one of the F&B options from the Salt&Light 5 Loaves 2 Fishes F&B directory

If your home is not suitable, you can do all this over a restaurant table too!


After dinner, invite your friends and family to watch two short videos. The first features Christmas carols sung by Olivia Ong – the singer of the Little Nyonya theme song – and her siblings.


The second is an intimate look at the life story of actress Felicia Chin. You’ve probably seen her on TV many times over the years, but you’ve probably never heard this side of her before!



Ask them for their thoughts on the videos. You can try some of these questions to kickstart the conversation:

• Which Christmas carol was their favourite? 

• How did you feel when you heard Felicia Chin’s story?

• What do you think Christmas is about?


From there, it’s up to you to have an honest, open, loving conversation. Maybe you’ll be able to share the Gospel!

Even if you don’t, at least they’ve heard this one testimony of how good God is – who knows if one day they’ll want to hear more?

But if they’re eager to hear more right from the comfort of your dining table or living room sofa, here are some recommended resources to help you with that conversation:

Who is Jesus?

Why do we need Jesus?

What is prayer?

• More testimonies about how God helps us in our relationships

• More testimonies about how God helps us in our family

• More testimonies about how God helps us in our health issues

If they are ready to accept Jesus into their life, guide them to repeat this simple but profound prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I’m sorry for the things I’ve done in my life. I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against you.

Thank you for dying on the Cross, paying the price for my sins.

Please come into my heart and into my life. I acknowledge that you are my Lord and Saviour.

I pray all this in Jesus’ name,


Finally, don’t forget to invite them to join you in your church! Even if they’re still uncertain and exploring, getting into happy, healthy faith community is a great first step!

If they aren’t able to attend your church (too far?), we’ve just launched a new website, Find A Church, just to help people in Singapore find a church that suits them. You can search for a church by location, language, age group, timing, or even specific requirements (wheelchair access, special needs, hearing impaired… ).

The website is still in the beta stage, so there may be some kinks, but you can check it out at

If your guests has many more questions about the faith, why not invite them to Try Alpha?

So, who will you extend A Christmas Invitation to?

Any day in December is a good day for a Christmas meal! Even if your home is not suitable, any restaurant, food court, hawker centre or fast-food joint is suitable – anywhere you have a good chat and show them these videos.

Will you take a moment to pray about this, and ask God who He wants you to extend this Christmas invitation to?