Sadly, with the pandemic still ongoing, we can’t gather in large groups to celebrate. But that doesn’t mean Chinese New Year (CNY) has to be boring!

To those of you who are spending most of your time at home this festive season, we’ve put together a list of some of the best CNY videos (some even from beyond our shores!) that you can enjoy with your family.

Each video in this list is bound to make you laugh or cry. So let’s jump right into it! 


1. TNB – #RealityNotVirtual

This slapstick short film sees an office worker given a virtual reality headset by his mother, so that his family can bring the new year celebrations to him.

His antics in the workplace might make you laugh, but over the course of the short film, he comes to see the value of spending time with his family in real life.

Though lighthearted, the sobering message of the video is still carried across: while work is important, remember that you have a family who loves you and is a place you can always go back to.

2. Digi – Grandfather Stories

There’s a story behind the song his grandfather keeps singing – Little Duckling – that this young man doesn’t know.

Annoyed by the singing, his frustration finally blows over which is when he comes to realise the true meaning behind the song. 

“Your family stories are your greatest inheritance. Connect to yours this Chinese New Year,” reads the last line. 

It’s a good reminder that by listening to stories told by our families, we may discover something new about them and ourselves.

3. Singtel – From Ma, With Love

Three young teenagers talk about how nice it is to get away from family and travel overseas instead of celebrating CNY.

As they dig through their parents’ gifts for them in their luggage, they come to learn just how precious family is.

This isn’t the only CNY video Singtel has produced that will touch your heart. Here are some others over the years that you might recognise.

4. Apple – Nian

This newly released short film offers a different view of the Chinese folk tale.

It’s an adorable story of a courageous young girl who befriends a creature everyone believes to be dangerous: the Nian.

The message is worth thinking about: don’t let your fears prevent you from missing out on something amazing.

5. – Reunion (团圆饭)

Celebrating with family is important. But family doesn’t necessarily mean those we’re related to by blood.

A perfect example of what this means is shown through this video, where a coffee shop owner who has plans during CNY leaves his shop to be run by a foreigner who isn’t familiar with the Singaporean terms for drinks like “kopi-o”.

Ah Biao, the shop runner from China, feels left out until the coffee shop owner pulls a big surprise on him. No spoilers here, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself1

Let’s make an effort to reach out to those around us, be it friends, co-workers or anyone else to make them feel at home. 

6. StarHub – #NeverGrowApart

A newlywed couple excitedly gives their parents a tour of their new apartment, but as happy as a mother is for them, worry tugs at her heart.

This short, heartwarming message doesn’t just apply to married couples: we will all grow up, but let’s never grow apart from the ones we love.

7. Hong Leong Bank – The Grown Ups’ Table

There’s an encouraging verse in the Bible that goes, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

This next story shows how a child does just that. Not wanting to be seen as just a caretaker for her younger brother, this little girl pulled out all the stops just to sit at the grown ups’ table.

It’s absolutely adorable.

8. Prudential – Word Count (算话)

Sometimes, we depend too much on what people say that we miss the little deeds people do for us out of love.

Ah Girl literally begins counting the number of words her father says to her after she sees that they’ve start to grow apart.

But she soon sees that it’s not words that count – it’s his actions.

It makes me think of what God the Father did for us us, sending His Son to earth for our sake. Jesus demonstrated the greatest love for us on the cross, by giving His life up for us all.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13)

Finally, as an added bonus, the team here at has also produced some CNY short films over the years. Below are two meaningful ones you may enjoy.

9. – Paper Hearts 纸包心

Our favourite Uncle Jeffrey stars in this touching adaptation of his own life story.

This is the real life story of how Uncle Jeffrey learned as a young boy, that the love his father had given him in the shape of a paper heart was worth so much more than money in a red packet.

10. – One More Rice Bowl

We mustn’t forget in the festivities that there are those with no family to go back to.

This sweet 3-minute short film challenges us to open our homes and hearts so that those who are lonely can also be surrounded by community.

And there you go! Thanks for sticking with us through to number 10 on the list. From all of us at – have a blessed CNY!