After a long pause due to COVID-19 restrictions, Festival of Praise (FOP)’s youth arm FOPx will finally be having its annual worship night at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on July 2, Saturday.

Young or old, itโ€™s going to be a great opportunity for everyone to come together to worship and pray for our land.

From what we know, it has always been a time that moves God’s heart and also moves all those who come!

To read about previous FOPx Worship Nights, check out this article on the 2019 event, or this one that covers the 2018 event.

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Note: Gates will open at 6pm, so grab a friend and feel free to swing by any time from then with your mats, Decathlon chairs or just yourselves to hang out!

As more than 500 people are expected to turn up for the event, do note that the organisers will have to check your vaccination status.