In the past decade, we’ve seen a global shift towards environmental sustainability, nature conservation and a rising generation of young people who wish to live in a more sustainable world. How should Christians respond in such a time? 

The Creation Care Conference 2022 is a two-day event that will serve as a gathering place for Christians to be equipped with a biblical understanding of creation care, as well as be inspired and empowered to take practical steps as a community to live out God’s command. 

The event’s theme is The Garden of Eden: Christ’s Creation, Our Care. The meaning of the theme is threefold:

  1. A reminder of our mandate to steward God’s creation.
  2. A prayer for God to breathe new life into the Church’s effort to reclaim our roles as caretakers of creation.
  3. To point us to our future hope when all creation is renewed upon Christ’s return.

Aside from the event’s keynote and plenary sessions, there are 4 workshops to choose from:

  1. Living Sustainably: Tending to the Garden
  2. Theology of Creation Care: Digging into Scripture
  3. Missions & Environmental Justice: Sowing Seeds of Justice
  4. Appreciation & Rest: Resting in the Garden

The conference is open to age groups. There will also be a special dialogue session for church leaders to hear from concerned Christians about their burdens for creation.

For more information on this event, click here for Creation Care SG’s website or view their Instagram page here. You may also watch their very own event trailer to find out more. To register, sign up at this link.

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