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How can we pray for Wuhan? Here are 33 prayer points compiled by Christians in China

by Christina Wong // February 1, 2020, 8:55 pm

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Faced with an unprecedented lockdown of Wuhan as the city battles the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, believers in China have risen up in faith to call for prayer from the wider Church body. Originally written in Chinese and circulated on China’s primary social media platform WeChat, this list has 33 prayer points that have been translated and adapted for your use. 

1. Pray for repentance – for believers in China, their fellow countrymen and the nation.

2. Pray that China will be able to make wise, reasonable and proper measures to curb the spread of the virus.

3. Pray for all who have travelled from Wuhan to other cities.

4. Pray for transport routes and traffic to be well-managed during this Chinese New Year season.

5. Pray that the outbreak situation in Wuhan comes under control.

6. Pray for Wuhan residents to recognise the severity of the outbreak and take all prevention measures responsibly.

7. Pray especially for the elderly in Wuhan – that they will heed the advice to wear a mask when heading out to protect themselves and others.

8. Pray for all related departments and organisations in Wuhan to be able to wisely manage the outbreak.

9. Pray for those who have to go out to work – that they will be safe (if you know someone personally, pray specifically and name them before the Lord).

10. Pray for those with jobs in the service sector.

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11. Pray for those who still have to visit medical institutions for their various health conditions prior to the outbreak – that they and their family will be protected.

12. Pray for the major hospitals in Wuhan.

13. Pray for all the hospitals with a quarantine area.

14. Pray for peace to be upon frontline medical personnel as well as their families.

15. Pray that all healthcare workers will be strengthened physically and emotionally.

16. Pray for those who are placed under quarantine as well as their families.

17. Pray for those who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus as well as their families.

18. Pray for the areas that are most affected by the outbreak.

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19. Pray that believers won’t fear or lose hope, but will remain vigilant.

20. Pray that believers will seize the opportunity to share the gospel and be a testimony for God.

21. Pray that, even though churches are unable to gather for fellowship in this season, that believers will seek God and look to Him even more.

22. Pray that the Church of Wuhan will be united in this time – to love God and love people.

23. Pray that God will raise up prayer warriors in Wuhan and throughout China – to intercede for curses to be turned into blessings, and for multitudes to come to know God.

24. Pray that the Church in China will come together to pray and seek God’s heart for the outbreak and the nation.

25. Pray for every family member, relative, friend, and brother and sister in Christ that comes to mind – for God’s peace to be with them. 

26. Pray that God will stir up the hearts of people. Pray that those who have strayed away from God will return to Him in repentance, and that they will not fear the outbreak.

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27. Pray for the problems surrounding the production and supply of masks to be resolved.

28. Pray that there will be sufficient food supply.

29. Pray that all who are showing symptoms of the virus will seek medical help promptly.

30. Pray for the emergency hotlines.

31. Pray for the foreigners who are now trapped in the Wuhan lockdown. Pray for those who are spending Chinese New Year alone.

32. Pray against the fear and anxiety brought on by the lockdown. Pray against the frenzy of stocking up food, which is causing more transmission of germs in these crowded places.

33. Pray for those who originally intended to return to their hometowns for the holidays before the lockdown was implemented. Pray that God will comfort them and their families as they are forcibly separated, and that God will also supply them with all they need.

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Our God, who is full of love and mercy, we are Yours! Right now, we cry out for what is happening in Wuhan. We ask for Your mercy, healing and blessing to be upon this land.

In Your Word, You have promised:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Now we come before You and cry out to You. We ask that You hide Your face from our sins and blot out all our iniquities (Psalm 51:9). We ask that You show us Your unconditional love and Your unfailing grace. Let us find peace and eternal life in Your love.

We pray for those who have been affected by the virus. Jehovah-Rapha, we ask that You place Your healing hands upon them. Heal them and give them peace in their hearts. Remove any kind of worry and fear in them. Let them recover fully, and comfort their families and relatives.

We pray that You will protect those who are fighting this battle on the medical frontline. We pray that You will strengthen their hearts as they perform their duties. Lighten the stress and burden that they are carrying in their hearts, and remove the fatigue in their bodies and minds. We ask that You protect their bodies, so that they will not be infected by the virus. We also ask that You give them the wisdom and faith to win this battle!

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Loving Father, as this is the peak travel season because of Chinese New Year, we ask that You sanctify the airports, train stations, harbours, rest stops, petrol stations, etc. We ask for Your hand of protection over these travellers. We pray that they will reach their destinations safely and reunite with their families.

O Lord, we also pray for all our brothers and sisters in the churches in Wuhan. We ask that they will be assured, and that their faith will be strengthened and not falter. We ask that they learn to trust and rely on You even more. We pray for Your hand of protection over the believers, that they will not be afflicted by the virus. Help them to tide through this crucial period peacefully.

All this we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!


1.  首先,我们要效法历代先知为自己、为民族、为国家认罪祷告

2.  为我们的国家能作出明智、合理、及妥善的预防措施,阻止疫情蔓延至全国祷告

3.  为所有从武汉去到中国各省的人群祷告

4.  为春运期间各路交通,人群拥挤的环境祷告

5. 为武汉现在的疫情尽快得到控制祷告

6.  为武汉居民无论男女老少,都能意识到疫情的严重性,并愿意负起彼此保护的责任,做好一切防护措施祷告

7.  特别为武汉所有年长的居民,愿意接受劝告出门戴口罩及保护自己,顾及他人祷告!

8.  为武汉有关部门,有智慧及能力做好一切防护及消毒等工作,将疫情蔓延情况减到最低程度的影响祷告

9.  为仍要在外上班工作的居民祷告,求神保守各人平安(可提名为你所认识,仍然在外工作的亲友们祷告)

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10.  为所有服务性行业,需接触群众的各行业人士祷告

11.  为因各种疾病必须到医院就诊的病人及他们的家属求平安

12.  为武汉各大医院祷告

13.  为所有设有肺炎隔离区的医院祷告

14.  为所有一线医护人员的平安及其家属祷告

15.  为所有医护人员有充足的体力及大无畏的精神,为他们求平安

16.  为所有被隔离的病人及其家属祷告

17.  为所有正在患上肺炎在家中养病的病人及其家属祷告

18.  为汉口疫情最严重的区域祷告

19.  为患难当前基督徒虽然谨慎,但不应怕死及恐惧的信心祷告

20.  为基督徒在此时此刻更要把握传福音,为主作见证祷告

21.  教会虽然因疫情严重,需暂停聚会却不能拦阻信徒更加迫切寻求,仰望上帝祷告

22.  为武汉教会同心合一,在祸患中更加刚强坚定,爱神爱人祷告

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23.  求神在武汉,在全国兴起代祷者,借祷告翻转疫情,使咒诅变为祝福,使千千万万失丧灵魂归向神

24.  为全国各地教会合一同心,寻求并明白上帝对此疫情的心意,并兴起祷告祭坛,为我们的国家守望祷告

25.  请为你所想起的每一位家人、亲友、弟兄姊妹祷告,求神赐下平安

26.  疫症当前,人人儆醒!愿神使人心苏醒,使基督徒悔改到主面前,不因为疫情而惧怕,乃因自己没有好好爱主、爱人而悔改








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